Don’t Let ’em Fool Ya!

I remember the day my oldest son was born as though it were yesterday. Almost ten years ago, I sat at a gathering with several friends. I was 8 days past my due date, and we joked about how I needed to eat myself into labor. So several slices of cheese pizza and two slices of marble cheesecake later, I felt what I had initially mistaken as discomfort from constipation. Little did I know that these were the beginnings of labor.

The last thing I wanted was for my mother to join me at the hospital. Throughout my pregnancy, I talked about how determined I was to deliver without pain medications. She was determined to prove me wrong and wanted to be present to say “I told you so” when I caved in. That cave in never happened and at almost 10:00 Sunday morning (despite the doctor telling me previously that the baby would arrive by 6:00), my beautiful son made his first debut. He had a head full of curly, thick hair. His eyes were wide open. They melted my heart when I looked into them. I loved this little boy so much, without having even held him yet.

He was such a sweet child. He very rarely cried and as a toddler, he played well by himself and with other children. He was such a peaceful, loving child. He had me fooled into believing that this was the nature of children. When he was four years old, I gave birth to twins. If I knew then what I know now, I would have named them Phil and Lil, like the kids from the Rugrats. That’s what they turned out to be. My oldest son gave me no indication that I could give birth to such behaviorally challenged children but every day, the twins found new ways to terrorize me. I am convinced that God allows a first child to be well behaved and calm as a way to promote continuation of the human species. If we had terrors as our first born, most of us would likely stop there. It’s always that second that will challenge you. My daughter was first of the twins to be born and she came into this world butt first, as if to tell the world what it could do for her. I should have known that was a sign. I love my children with all my heart. I welcome the challenges they bring and I am convinced that enduring them will earn me a special spot in heaven. At least I hope so.


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