Water on the rocks, please.

Whenever I am thirsty, I grab a glass, stick it under the spout of my Brita filter, and fill up. I never used to give much thought to it. One moment I was thirsty and in the next, I wasn’t. Unfortunately, one out of 8 people in the world don’t have the option of sticking a glass under a faucet for clean drinking water. When you think about it, that really is an unacceptable percentage of people going without a commodity that many of us take for granted. It wouldn’t be so serious if a lack of clean water simply caused some dissatisfaction for the taste buds, but thousands of people die each year because of a lack of access to clean water and hygienic living conditions. The majority of those people happen to be children under the age of five. Their little under developed immune systems just can’t handle the extra germs in that unclean water.

Charity:Water is an organization I stumbled across while reading an article about the relief efforts in Haiti. Their goal is simply to bring clean drinking water and sanitation to communities that would otherwise go without. For anyone reading, please help me support their efforts. A monetary donation would be awesome, but there are other ways to help. I have placed a badge on my blog. If you click on it and perform an activity, you help by raising awareness. Please help out in any way that you can. Imagine the mother who watches her child suffer with an illness, knowing there is nothing she can do to help. But there is something you can do.


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