It’s a Boy! Well, sort of.

I know I just gave someone a heart attack with that title. This weekend, I added two new members to my family. Yes, because I don’t have enough children to look after. Well, these are the little furry type and they are absolutely adorable. A friend was looking for a home and happened to post pictures on Facebook. I have been having some serious kitty fever lately, so I jumped on the opportunity. Of course, the husband was caught off guard when he came home from work to be introduced to the little ones as Thing Two held them each up by the neck.  The three year old is terrified of them and will only set foot off of his bed when he believes he is safe from attack by the kittens.

I decided to name them Toot and Puddle, after the characters on a cartoon, because that is what happens when you have four children. Life revolves around cartoons and you know the names of the characters even better than most kids. Toot and Puddle sounded clever until I started calling the kittens individually, and realized the names actually could refer to fart and pee. While I am not the most tactful person in the world, I draw the line at naming animals after bodily functions. I am struggling to find appropriate names now and since they are both boys, Ni Hao Kai Lan is out of the question. Maybe I should refer to snack food since that is my other area of expertise. Moon Pie and Jelly Bean, maybe?

Jellybean is all black, so he's tough to see under the couch.



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  1. oh dear! sounds like chaotic fun and i think i can relate to *that!* 🙂

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