A Hobby That Pays

After watching a few YouTube videos showing women paying $20 for five million dollars worth of products, I decided to try my hand at this extreme couponing business. I am only buying two newspapers at a time, so I guess that doesn’t make me so extreme. Yet. I plan to bump that up by another paper this week.

I did my grocery shopping last week and after reviewing my receipts from the two stores I visited, I was pleased to see that I saved almost $20. However when I got home and had a chance to give my coupon stash a once over, I was deflated to find that I could have saved an additional $27 had my coupons been organized better. I was not about to let that kind of savings get away from me again, so I went to Walmart armed with a plan. Of course this is Walmart we are talking about, so not all the supplies I needed were available. Thankfully, they did have sufficient substitutes. It took about an hour to get everything completely organized, but my stash went from this:

to this:

I would have preferred to use those inserts meant for baseball cards because they are a little bigger, but these had to do.

And apparently nobody likes pink, because that is the only color binder that was on sale.

It even had these pocket dividers that I could use for stashing weekly ads, as well as coupons I have not had a chance to clip yet.

Needless to say, I will be maximizing my savings on my next shopping trip.


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