Normal Couponing

Today marked the first shopping trip I have taken since deciding to give the whole “Extreme Couponing” thing a try. I didn’t buy much since I limit myself to only a couple of newspapers each week. My coupon supply is not very big right now, but it gets more impressive as time goes on. Below is a picture of the things I bought from Walgreens:

Together, everything cost me $25.49. The breakdown is as follows:
Eversleek Shampoo $6- $1 MFG= $5
Eversleek Conditioner $6- $1 MFG= $5
I gained $3.00 in Register Rewards from this transaction, which was used in the following transaction:

(2) Nivea Body Wash for Men $3.79 each -(2)$3 MFG= 79 cents each
(2) Nivea Body Wash for Women $3.79 each -(2)$3 MFG= 79 cents each
5 Solstice Gum (only added in because I needed an additional item to be able to use my register rewards) 99 cents
After the register rewards were subtracted, this transaction came to $2.20.

The third transaction consisted of 2 tubes of Colgate total toothpaste. They were on sale 2/$6, and I had two coupons for $1, for a grand total of $4.39 after tax. I also received $4 in register rewards, which were applied to the next transaction:

(2)Schick shaving gel @$3.79 each -(2) .75 MFG
*I didn’t realize this initially, but apparently one of these was free as a result of the razors below.
(2)Schick razor system(buy one, get one free) @$8.99
Total: $8.12.

Above is a picture of the things I got from Publix. The items shown are:

(4)Bertolli Pasta Sauce:2/$4 – (2)MFG for $1.50 off 2
(2)Sorrento Ricotta:2/$5 -(2) $1 MFG
(2)Duncan Hines Decadent Walnut Brownies: BOGO@$2.69- (2) .50 MFG
(2) Helmann’s Mayo with EVOO: BOGO@ $5.39-(2) .75 MFG
(2)Barilla Whole Grain Penne: BOGO@ $1.39- no coupon
(2) Barilla Whole Grain Rotini: BOGO@ $1.39
(2) King Hawaiian Rolls: 2/$5- MFG for $1.50 off 2
(3) Kraft Shredded Triple Cheddar: 3/$5 -(3)$1 MFG
(2) Sorrento Part Skim Mozarella: BOGO@ $4.49 -(2)$1 MFG
My grand total there was $27.00. My savings using a combination of store sales and coupons were $47.20.

So I didn’t get $500 in groceries for $5, but still didn’t do too badly for my first outing. I am still learning, and I am sure savings will increase as time goes on and I figure out better ways to make my coupons work for me.


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  1. Nicole says:

    I used to be serious with the couponing. I used to even by extras off ebay if it was something really worth it. I loved CVS extracare bucks! I then got busier with the kids and couldn’t keep up with it. But I enjoyed saving all of the money. I keep saying I have to get back into it but I just haven’t yet.

    1. You really should think about getting back into it. Even if you don’t get extreme with it, you can still save yourself a good amount of money every week. 🙂

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