Out of Space

There are some great benefits to sharing my love of couponing with other people. We can make the most of our shopping experience by swapping deal information as well as coupons. Today, I was chatting with some coworkers about how badly I wanted Purex to go on sale somewhere, so I could use all the coupons I have.”Wait!” Jennifer said excitedly. “They have it at Kmart!” Sure enough, I checkout out the online copy of their weekly ad and it was in there, Buy One Get One Free. I had not shopped at a Kmart in years and never thought I would set foot back inside of one. I raced to the one closest to my house and went to the laundry section. They only had a few bottles of the BOGO size remaining, but they had some larger ones on sale for $4 a bottle. Still not too bad, considering I had coupons for $3 off each bottle. I grabbed 12 and headed for the register. The subtotal was $37.17. With 11 coupons for $3 and one for $1, my total before tax was a whopping $3.17.

I went on to Publix where I grabbed the following:

4 bottles of grape juice, normally $3.99 apiece but were a BOGO item this week. After 4 coupons at 75 cents off, the juice cost me $4.98.

4 bottles of Lysol All Purpose Cleaner, normally $2.69 each. These were also a BOGO deal. I had 4 coupons valued at 75 cents each, so I paid $2.38 for all four bottles.

2 bags of Meow Mix cat food in another BOGO deal for $4.99. I didn’t have a coupon *gasp* but $2.50 for a bag of cat food is still a sweet deal.

The Seventh Generation dish soap sells for $2.99. It was a BOGO this week and I had two coupons, which I stacked. My Publix accepts Whole Foods coupons as valid competitor coupons, so I got a dollar off in addition to a manufacturer’s coupon for 50 cents. $1.49 was the end price for the two bottles, which is pretty significant for Seventh Generation products.

Before tax, my shopping trip was $17.01. I still have some coupons that will score some free toothbrushes at Walgreens as well as some Mitchum deodorant for 99 cents. Don’t ask where I plan to store this stuff.


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  1. Elnora says:

    I must say you did good with the Purex however I am a Tide Fan…and yes it can be expensive. However, was @ Target the other day and is on sale for $8.99. I had a $3.00 coupon and while also purchasing socks for my daughter i noticed a peelie on the bag…to my surprise it was a $1.00 of tide Target coupon. Woo Hoo got it for just $5.00. I went back and bought 3 more tides:)

    1. I like Tide too, I just never imagined a deal that sweet was possible. Nice! I think I have been banned from buying any more laundry detergent for a while, but I know not to count Tide out anymore. 🙂

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