No Cleaning Products!

A friend who follows my blog recently sent me an email full of concern for my eating habits. The pictures I share of my couponing adventures are chock full of cleaning products and deodorant, but not many veggies. I can assure you, we actually eat real food in our home. I don’t post pics of every single item I buy at the store, only the stuff that I use coupons to get a pretty good deal on. I didn’t think it was necessary to bore you all with my finds from the farm store, although it is a pretty spectacular place and one day will have a post dedicated to it.

I did a little bit of shopping today, and did not purchase a single cleaning item:

The KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce should have been purchased during Winn Dixie’s BOGO event, but they ran out and the customer service desk was closing. That meant no rain check for me. I had six coupons to use for $1 off, so I stopped over at Walmart and was happy to see that they were only $1.42 a bottle, which means I paid 42 cents a bottle. Not an extreme savings, but not too bad. Had I caught the Winn Dixie sale, I would have paid about 20 cents per bottle.

I had been dying for the Newton’s Fruit Thins to go on sale as a BOGO, and was almost afraid that it would never happen. I don’t recall seeing them listed in the Publix flyer, so I am assuming it was an unadvertised sale. That is why it pays to clip and organize your coupons in a binder. If I didn’t have mine with me, I would have missed out. Each package normally sells for $3.89, but combining the BOGO with six coupons I had for $1 off, I saved myself $17.67.

I was holding on to some store coupons for yogurt, and they were due to expire after today. My kids and I all love yogurt, so I couldn’t let those coupons go to waste. The Go-gurt was $2.59 each. I combined store coupons for $2 off of two with manufacturer’s coupons for $1 off of two, and ended up paying $1.09 per box. Again, it wasn’t an extreme savings, but I wasn’t going to pass it up when I took into consideration how much yogurt my kids can go through.

The Yo Plus and Fiber One yogurt is just for me. I prefer Greek Yogurt, but will settle for other stuff at the right price. It was on sale for $2 and I had store coupons for $2 off of two. The cost $1 per pack of four after all was said and done.

The one liter bottle of Listerine Zero was on sale for $4.99. I combined a store coupon for $1 with a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 and paid $2.99.

It was hot outside and because of the price of gas, I refuse to run the air conditioner. I didn’t want to show up at Winn Dixie with sweat rings under my arms, so the salad and cat food deals will need to wait until tomorrow morning.


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