Tom Foolery Tuesday: Crime Scene

Please excuse the grainy picture. It was taken with my phone because I was not prepared with a camera as usual. I want to make sure all readers understand something before we go any further: I am not I am not making light of the subject of stealing lunches. It is a horrible practice that has plagued offices around the world for years. I have been a victim of this crime more times than I care to remember. The time that sticks out most is when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I never suffered from calcium deficiency, because I couldn’t get enough milk. Ice cold and fat free, it was my beverage of choice. I also had a thing for Frosted Flakes and in my opinion, combining the cereal with my beloved milk was a match made in heaven. I always kept a gallon in the break room refrigerator, so that I would have no problem fulfilling my craving for cereal.

One day, I poured a bowl of cereal, and expectantly opened the door to the refrigerator. Frosted Flakes were so heavy on my mind that my hands couldn’t move fast enough. I grabbed the gallon of milk with more force than I needed to. It should have been half full but to my dismay, there was only about a quarter of a cup remaining. With my name labeled clearly on each side of the container with a black Sharpie, I didn’t understand how someone could mistake it for theirs. Tears filled my eyes and spilled over onto my cheeks as I realized that I wouldn’t have my frosted flakes that morning. On the verge of hyperventilating, I sat down on a chair, still clutching my almost-empty container. Sure, it may sound dramatic to some of you. But try imagining yourself as a pregnant woman with a craving so strong, that you are physically overcome by it. Then imagine the despair you would feel when you realize that someone stole the very key to your happiness away from you. I posted my own note on the refrigerator that day. Angrily, I told everyone I encountered about the thief amongst us. When I arrived at work the next day, there was a note of apology on my desk, along with $2.00 to purchase another gallon of milk.

So you see, the purpose of this post is not to poke fun at the situation, though it was rather funny because the day before I took this picture, the empty Smart Ones carton was attached to the sign and labeled “Exhibit A”. My intent is to hopefully shame the thief into replacing the stolen lunch, and discourage him or her from stealing again.


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