Back to School

While I eagerly anticipate the first day of school for my kids, I also dread it a little bit. I was able to get almost all of my shopping done. Everyone’s extensive school supply lists have been fulfilled and clothing has been bought, washed, and ironed. For the most part. The boys are very easy to shop for. They aren’t very picky. Some T’shirts and a few pairs of jeans and khakis square them away for a while. Thing One is another story. I mentioned before how much I hate the clothing selections available for little girls, and that opinion hasn’t changed. Bare midriff tops and skinny jeans are not an option for my six year old child. Sewing would be my only option.

Thanks to a generous gift card that my mother sent me for Joann Fabrics, I got a bunch of fabric for dresses.

I also treated myself to a serger a few months ago and believe it or not, I haven’t had a chance to give this baby a run for its money just yet.

I really like pillowcase dresses because they remind me of the good old days when little girls enjoyed a more wholesome, innocent childhood. I found a nice tutorial at that I used to make some for Thing One.  I used elastic i place of ribbon at the neckline to avoid the choking hazard. On two of the dresses, I added elastic in the bodice to give the dress a little more shape. On the other three, I added fabric slightly below the armhole to be tied in the back.

Considering how badly I had been procrastinated getting dresses made, I am pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this all on one weekend.


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  1. Tim says:

    Like the faces! That’s a nice way of handling the internet slipstream and the inevitable harvesting of images by Google images and the like.

    1. I always felt like a bad mom for not sharing pics of my kids on my blog, but I just get so nervous about their faces being out there for the world to see. So that’s my way of sharing while maintaining some anonymity for my kids. 🙂

  2. Sumaiya says:

    Assalaama aleikum uhkti :-). The dresses are so cute. Did you use a pattern for these dresses?

    1. Walaikum Salaam! I didn’t use a pattern for them. It is mostly a basic pillowcase dress, but with a few modifications. I believe there is probably a pattern available, though.

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