This post has been a long time coming. I mean, this sale ended last week. But since I did take a picture after I went shopping, I thought I would go ahead and share my findings with you guys. Not to mention that I went shopping with my three youngest children and didn’t beat anyone. That in itself grants me some serious bragging rights.

The fusion juice was the thing I was most excited about. I have been holding onto coupons for a while waiting for a BOGO, and I was afraid I was going to lose out. But lo and behold, it was a BOGO last week. Normally prices at $3.99 each, I paid $5.97 for six bottles thanks to coupons from the paper for $1 off each bottle. That even trumped some printed ones that I snagged online!

Krusteaz products are not something I splurge on regularly. I did happen to have two coupons for $1 off of two items so I bought two boxes of pancake mix for $1.79 and two boxes of dessert bars for $1.69.

And with pancake mix, I also needed syrup. Log Cabin was a BOGO but since the sale occurred so long ago, I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it. I appreciate the fact that their syrup does not contain high fructose corn syrup, but I am also aware that this fact does not qualify it as a healthy food item. Give me some credit for trying.

Trix cereal (umm, made with WHOLE GRAINS)was also a BOGO for $4.29 and I had two coupons for 75 cents off each box. $2.79 might not exactly be a steal, but not a bad sale.

After being driven crazy by three children (one of whom attempted to ride on the back of some poor woman’s motorized shopping cart), I arrived home with my hair still attached to my scalp. And Jelly Bean kindly offered to act as the Guardian of Groceries while I took a few deep breaths.

And once everyone was in bed, I indulged in my two favorite vices. I think I deserved it.



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  1. Stesha says:

    I never use coupons which is terrible, as I’m always complaining about saving money. Every little cent counts! My favorite brand of syrup is Log Cabin, though it doesn’t last longer than a day. A certain kid of mine drinks it straight from the bottle. Sigh.

    Hugs and Mocha,

    1. I never used to use coupons, but I am a believer now. Too funny about drinking syrup from the bottle! At least they aren’t licking hot sauce off the floor…

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