I have a pretty cool boss. I am not just saying that because he could possibly be reading this blog. I hope he isn’t, because he will see a side of me that I try to keep hidden while in the workplace. But he is a nice guy to work for. He has been very accommodating with regards to my schedule so that I can get my kids from school. He didn’t give me a hard time about taking sick days when Little Linebacker spent all night throwing up in my bed. He grants my vacation requests without hesitation, no matter how last minute they may be. And last but not least, he actually volunteered for “dunk tank duty” last year. Each year for Customer Service week, my company goes all out for its employees. All week long, we get breakfast, snacks, ice cream socials, and a fall festival. At the Fall Festival, employees can donate $1 to the SPCA for a chance to dunk a member of the management team in the dunk tank.

I won’t post pics on here for the sake of maintaining the boss’ anonymity, but let’s just say a few people had pretty accurate aim. He ended up falling into the water more than once. This year, he declined the offer to participate. I can’t say I blame him, since the weather has cooled down to a frigid 80 degrees. As the tank was being filled with water, he watched with his brow burrowed. “You know,” he said “the water is clean this year.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, last year, it was green,” he continued. “I think they accidentally used the spigot for the reclaimed water. I’m telling you, that water wasn’t clean when I fell in there last year. I haven’t been right since.” A loud guffaw escaped my mouth involuntarily. I don’t think we can blame that all on the reclaimed water.


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