The Highest Form of Flattery

Supposedly, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Oddly enough, I don’t feel very flattered. Out of curiosity, I search the web from time to time to make sure that people aren’t stealing my posts. Hey, it happens more than you may realize. This morning, I happened to stumble across my Tom Foolery post pertaining to the Black Bonnet Society here. Of course, the poster made an attempt to remain undiscovered by changing some of the wording. I don’t believe English is his or her first language, because the grammar is absolutely horrible. I read the entire post, expecting to see a link to my site. I mean, it is where the post was taken from, right? But no, there was no such credit given.

I started this blog because I like to write. I don’t always have the time to put my thoughts into words when I do, I find that sharing those thoughts with you all is very gratifying. But that is just the thing. Those are my thoughts. I doubt I would get that same satisfaction from copying someone else’s thoughts and posting them as my own. It’s wrong. My conscience would keep me up all night. It’s no different than taking Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga books and changing the names of the characters, then trying to pass the work off as your own. Plagiarism makes you look like an idiot who can’t think for him/herself. Especially when your grammar happens to stink.

I left the post-thieving bandit a tactful comment asking him or her to remove the post, as it was lifted directly from my blog. Interestingly enough, the moderator has yet to approve my comment. We shall see what happens.


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  1. Stesha says:

    Now that sucks monkey butt! You should contact the host of this person’s blog if it isn’t removed in a timely manner. Usually they’ll pull the entire blog. That should give him pause the next time he things to “borrow” another person’s work.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. I didn’t even think of that. I believe it is hosted by WordPress. I am curious to know how many other blogs they have lifted words from.

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