Thanks, Pinterest!

Pinterest is my current drug of choice. I can’t even remember how I was introduced to it, but I am head over heels in love now. If it weren’t for other pressing matters in my life (you know, kids having to eat and all that other stuff), I could spend hours and hours pouring over pictures on there. I came across a few pins for natural cleaning products, but one in particular practically screamed at me from the screen: carpet cleaner.

My carpet is beige, which happens to be the worst possible color for families with children. At least it started out as beige. Now, it is a multitude of colors that beige isn’t much a part of anymore. The worst place is obviously around the dining room table. As it is, I vacuum under the table at least once a day. I have no idea how they manage to sit at such a large table to eat, yet so much of their meals end up on the floor.

Going back to the original point of the story, one pin I came across mentioned use of ammonia, water, and iron and a towel to clean spots. What’s the worst that could happen? Mixing equal parts ammonia and water into a spray bottle, I saturated the spots that were most offensive. While they soaked, I plugged in m iron and turned it to the hottest setting.

Laying a towel over the spots, I ironed for about a minute. I guess this would be similar to using an actual steam mop. For the most concentrated stains, I needed to rub a little and go over again with the iron. And when I say rub, I truly mean rub. Not scrub. The cleanup didn’t require a ton of elbow grease.

I was somewhat impressed with the results of the first stain I focused on, so I moved over to another spot. Let me tell you this before you sit down on the floor: you will need more than one towel. In my old age, getting up from the floor is no easy feat. I ended up calling for Viejito to bring me another one. When I ironed over it, the smell was horrendous. Ammonia is strong enough as it is. Ammonia + towel that was stuffed under Viejito’s bed for who knows how long = funky as sin. So let that serve as a warning to anyone who might be looking to try this cleaning method. Use a clean towel, and don’t trust your children to bring them to you.

I definitely wouldn’t clean my entire carpet this way, but it works out well for spot cleaning when your children use your carpet as a giant dinner napkin.


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