Homemade Fabric Softener

I am still spending countless hours of each day combing pinterest pictures, which is part of the reason why I have been absent from here. Only part of the reason. The other part is that strep throat has been ripping through my house like a trapped tornado, infecting and reinfecting its occupants. Anyone with multiple children understands how impossible it is to keep cooties from spreading from child to child (or to adult).

I finally figured out how to track down the originator of a pinterest picture, and now I have a major blog crush. I hopped over to One Good Thing By Jillee and found a plethora of great information pertaining to homemade household cleaning remedies.

Anywho, I will start out by saying that my washing machine gets well acquainted with at least ten loads of laundry each week. You can probably imagine how much money I spend on laundry soap and fabric softener. Thank goodness for coupons, otherwise I wouldn’t have money left over for anything else. I came across Jillee’s recipe for homemade fabric softener and HAD to try it. I went to Walmart and picked up some cheap Suave conditioner, along with a huge bottle of vinegar. The recipe itself calls for a cup of conditioner, 2 cups of vinegar and 6 cups of water. I made it exactly according to the recipe, but wasn’t sure about the way it turned out at first. The smell of the fabric softener didn’t shine through the way I would have liked, so I added about 20 drops of my favorite essential oil. I will warn you though: if you live in a place like Florida that has hard water, you may want to consider using distilled water in this recipe instead of tap. Otherwise, it will take a few days for the fabric softener to “set” to the right consistency.

I love this recipe, because I can even use it on my towels without interfering with their absorbency. And it saves me a ton of money! There are also recipes floating around for homemade laundry detergent, so that will be my next project.



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