Publix Rocks, As Usual

There were some pretty good deals to be had at Publix this week. I love grocery shopping around the holidays! I stocked up on some things that I wouldn’t normally buy, but will definitely use.

The Tyson Anytizers are usually $8.45, but were a BOGO this week. I had coupons for $1 off each, which brought the price of each bag down to $3.22.

Vanity Fair napkins were also a BOGO at $2.29, and I had coupons for 55 cents off, resulting in a price of 60 cents each. Not too shabby.

There was no coupon for the Busch’s Baked Beans, but they were a BOGO at $2.39.

Crunchy Nut cereal is a favorite of my kids, so I was happy to see it as a BOGO. It’s normally priced at $4.39 a box and I had coupons for 70 cents off each.

The turkey burgers were probably the best deal of all. Normally priced at $8.59, they were a BOGO this week. I had printable coupons for $2 off, so each box ended up costing $2.30.

I really love Simple’s line of facial products, so it was nice to see them on sale for 30% off. The facial scrub I picked is normally $5.49, but was $3.84 on sale. Throw in coupons for $1 off, and I ended up paying $2.84 for each one.

The Drumsticks are my way of bribing the children to be on normal people’s behavior. They were a BOGO this week at $6.99, and I had coupons for $1 off of two.

I am not sure of the regular price of the canned pumpkin, but I know it is well over $2. I didn’t have coupons, but I wasn’t about to pass up canned pumpkin for a dollar per can.

In the end, everything cost just over $43. Without sale prices and coupons, I would have paid $114.02 for the very same items. That’s a savings of over $70!




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  1. hccm says:

    See! I need to stop playing around and start clipping more coupons. I’m always so lazy when it comes to these things. Even if I started clipping coupons for tissue, soap, and other toiletries we’d save lots of money!

    Hugs and Mocha,

    1. It’s a lot of work (depending on how serious you get about it), but well worth it. There is no way my family of 6 would be able to splurge on certain things if coupons weren’t involved.

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