“Rave Reviews”

My Kindle is probably one of the best gifts I have ever gotten from my husband. I’m willing to bet he has some regrets about buying it, considering how much of my time it sucks up. I currently have over a thousand books on it, and am a huge fan of romance (particularly paranormal) and anything dystopian. I also have a huge collection of classics, which were available on Amazon for free. FREE. That’s my kind of shopping. Anywho, many of the books I choose to download are selected based on not only genre, but average review. I hope that doesn’t sound shallow. And if it does, I’m sorry. I don’t have enough hours in my day to waste reading poorly written drivel. I know my blog isn’t exactly scholarly work, but I am not charging anyone to read my blog.

One of my pet peeves is unoriginality. Many of us love vampire romances. And if you don’t, let’s just agree to disagree about their awesomeness. However, I don’t want every vampire romance I download to be a rewrite of Twilight. For the love of God, develop your own ideas, people! Simply changing the names of the characters isn’t the same as creating your own story. Secondly, come up with some sort of outline before you get started. Only a rare kind of person can pull a captivating story out of their behinds. When you don’t have any clear direction, it is very obvious to the reader that you are just stumbling along, typing with your eyes closed and hoping for the best. That pisses me off to no end.

An even bigger grievance I have is when friends of an author post reviews of a book. Hate, hate, hate it. I try to support a lot of self published authors, but having the ability to put 68,000 words together doesn’t automatically make you a talented story teller. When I read a highly recommended book only to find that it would have been more beneficial to print it on toilet paper, I’m forced to put the author on my blacklist. The comical part of it all is when a legitimate reader posts a negative review, they end up being attacked by these obvious friends of the author, who might just happen to be the author in disguise. If you take the time to write a decent book, the good reviews will come. And if writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t try to force it. It truly isn’t for everyone.

I get that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that not everyone will agree with mine. I’m okay with that. I would just rather see books by people who legitimately enjoy writing, not folks who are trying to be the next Stephanie Meyer.


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  1. hccm says:

    My oldest son wants his own Kindle for his birthday. The husband and I both agree it will be worth it. He loves to read and it’s hard sharing devices with a family of 9!

    There’s too many Stephanie Meyers’ copycats out there. I agree, people should be more original.

    Hugs and Mocha,

    1. It’s an awesome investment, even for a 9 year old. My son got one on his 11th birthday. He is an avid reader and has so many hard copy books that he has run out of places to put them. Your son will love it. And the fact that digital books are usually considerably cheaper than their paper counterparts certainly doesn’t hurt.

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