Slacking, As Usual

This post really should have happened a week ago. I have a shorter attention span in my old age, so I tend to get sidetracked pretty easily. Anyhow, since I have already delayed posting this, I won’t drag it out on you.

Last week, I finally lucked up on a body wash sale at Publix. I can’t even tell you how dire the need was for it in my house. Dial was on sale as a BOGO, so I grabbed six. They were normally $3.91, and I had coupons for $2 off of two, which made them 96 cents each. The Dial Speedfoam for men was also $3.91 and on BOGO, but I had some higher value coupons for that one. $1.50 off of each one brought the price down to about 45 cents each.

Emerald breakfast on the go was a BOGO at $3.29, and I had coupons for $1 off of each one. Those little packets are pretty darned good, and 65 cents wasn’t a bad price to pay for each box.

I have never had the Mrs. Paul’s parchment bake, but it was also on sale as a BOGO at $4.79. I was fortunate enough to come across two BOGO coupons, so all four boxes were completely free.

I was so excited about the Yoscicle Popsicles going on sale. I had a bunch of coupons that were due to expire in only a couple of days for $1 off each. They were a BOGO at $4.59, so each box cost $1.30.

I also stopped at Target to use coupons I had for Huggies bed mats. Little Linebacker has a bad habit of sneaking water in the middle of the night, and his bed sheets pay the price. Each package of bed mats was $9.47, but I had two manufacturer’s coupons for $2 off each one, which I stacked with two store coupons for $2. Using a $10 gift card that I had earned from a prior purchase, both packs cost a grand total of 94 cents before tax.

Without combining sales and coupons, I would have paid $102.26 for everything. Thankfully, this shopping trip only set me back just over $18




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