School Time

I wish I could tell you that the school supplies pictured here are the only ones i had to buy, but that would be a lie. I forked over a couple of limbs at the store but most of the prices I paid were not blog worthy. Of course, Publix came through with an absolutely amazing sale and things began to look up a little. I stopped at the store on my lunch break and got this:

(3) Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks ($0.67 each)
-(2) Publix coupons for $1/1
= Free!

(2) Papermate Pens ($0.50 each)
-(1) Target coupon for $1
= Free! It would have been a money maker if I had been able to print the second coupon from Target’s site.

(4) Quaker Granola Bars (BOGO @ $2.99)
-(2) Target coupons for $1/2 Quaker snack or breakfast items
-(2) MFC for $1/2 Quaker products
= $1.98, or ~ $0.50 per box

(2) Suave Deodorant (BOGO@ $1.99)
-(2) MFC for $0.50/1
-(1) Target coupon for $0.50/1
=$0.49 for 2. Would have been free if I had been able to get the other Target coupon to print.

(2) Glade Plugin Refills (on sale for $3.99)
-(1) Target coupon for $1.50/2
=$2.49 for 2
*The regular price was $5.49

(2) Bailey’s Coffee Creamer (on sale for $1.50)
-(2) MFC for $1/1
=$0.50 each
*The regular price was $2.19

I am not sure what the regular price would have been for the glue and pens so using the price I actually paid, my total order would have been $34.30 out of pocket. After sales and coupons, my total out of pocket was $5.96, a savings of $28.34.

The Publix I went to was out of stock on a few of the items I needed, so I stopped at another one on the way home from work. This is what I purchased:

(4) Suave Body Wash for Kids (on sale for $1.25)
-(2) MFC for $0.75/2
-(2) Target coupons for $1/2
=$1.50 for 4, or ~$0.38 each

(4) Bic Mechanical Pencils (on sale for $1.00)
-(2) MFC for $1/2
=$2.00 for 4

(2) Coffee Mate Creamer (on sale for $1.67)
-(2) MFC for $0.55/1
-(1) Publix coupon for $1 off 2
=$1.24 for 2, or $0.62 each

I honestly have no idea what the regular prices were for most of this stuff. I think the creamer may be $2.39 normally, the Suave bodywash for kids is usually $1.99, and the Bic mechanical pencils were at least $2 each. With that being said, I would have paid at least $16.74 out of pocket without sales and coupons. However, my out of pocket total was $4.74. My two trips combined cost $10.70 instead of the $51.04 I would have spent without a little planning.


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  1. cerrine says:

    The funny thing is that I would have walked into a Walmart with the intention of spending as little as possible and then walked out a couple hours later $300 poorer. It takes talent, I tell you, to be this money-wise.

    Found your blog through Slice of Lemon, your domain name piqued my curiosity (:

    1. The key is to bring cash – no more than your budget allows you to spend. You’ll be mindful of what you put into the cart in an effort to avoid embarassment at the cash register. i find myself double and triple checking my cart for that very reason. lol
      And I LOVE Slice of Lemon blog! Sabrina has a great talent in writing.

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