Craptastic Voyage

I am hanging my head in shame (yet again) as I type this post. Not only because of how long I have been away, but because of what I am about t share with you. It’s been a while since I posted about a trip to the grocery store, so I thought it was only fair to share this one with you. I don’t normally like to buy a lot of processed food. For the most part, I do pretty well with keeping it out of the house. But don’t send a woman with hormonal cravings into the store and not expect craziness to show up in the cart. And I don’t mean pregnancy-related hormonal craziness. The other kind. Just had to make that disclosure, because I could hear my mother’s heart rate increasing with fear.

Five out of six people in my house require the use of deodorant. And the one who doesn’t, sneaks it anyway. I’m sure you can imagine how costly that gets, considering that most deodorant exceeds $3.00 per stick. Publix happened to have Right Guard on sale as a BOGO at $3.85, and I had coupons for $1 off each. So eight sticks that would have normally cost me $30.80, actually cost me $7.40. That’s a savings of $23.40, people.

Lou Ana cooking oil was another exciting find. I don’t fry much food, so that fact that I had been out of oil for over two weeks didn’t bother me a whole lot. Still, it was time to get some. I had onions to sautee. Lou Ana was a BOGO at $4.15, and I had coupons for $0.50 off each bottle, paying $1.58 per bottle.

The International Coffee creamer was on sale for $1.67, and I lucked up on printables for $1.50 off of each, bringing them down to the low, low price of 17 cents each.

Here is where the hormonal craziness comes in. Don’t you dare shake your index finger at me, I need starch in a bad way right now. Maruchan Yakisoba noodles are on BOGO at 99 cents and I had coupons for 50 cents off each one. That meant that a total of 12 containers earned me 12 cents of credit to go towards the rest of my order. 🙂

Those 12 cents helped purchase the 12 bottles of Bailey’s coffee creamer. Normally priced at $2.19, Publix had them on sale for $1.50, and I had coupons for $1 off each. You don’t need me to do the math on that one, but I will anyway. Instead of paying $26.28 at regular price without coupons, I paid $5.88. You know, because of the 12 cents I earned from the noodles. And I know what you are saying: How much flippin coffee can you drink before those things expire at the end of November? I’ll tell you: Plenty. I don’t use creamer just in my coffee, I also add it to pancake batter and oatmeal. And other stuff that I can’t think of just yet.

So that’s my trip. Instead of paying $68.72, I spent $16.77 out of pocket. I sadly resembled the lunatic women that you may see on that horrid TLC show. Only this time, though. I promise the next trip will be better.


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