Milk and Potatoes

This was far from the most spectacular couponing trip I have ever been on. It was so unimpressive that I almost decided not to share it with you guys. Here I am, nonetheless. I guess I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this was worth reading.

Publix had a promotion where if you bought six featured items, you would get a free gallon of milk. When you live in a house with four children who inhale cereal, that’s a pretty valuable deal. I had to break the trip up into two transactions to get two free gallons, but the cashier was a real sweetheart and didn’t mind a bit. This is what I purchased:

(1) Herbal Essence Shampoo (the name None of Your Frizzness sold me on it) @ $2.49                                   (1) Herbal Essence Conditioner @ $2.49                                                                                                                         -(1) MFC for a free Herbal Essence conditioner when you buy one shampoo

(4) Progresso Recipe Starter @ $1.50 each                                                                                                                     -(4) MFC for $0.50/1

(6) Bags of Alexia potatoes, BOGO@ $3.79                                                                                                                     -(3) Whole Foods coupons for $1/2                                                                                                                                 -(6) MFC for $0.55/1

(1) Charmin 6-roll pack @ $3.99                                                                                                                                       -(1) MFC for $0.25/1

(3) Yoplait kids’ yogurt @ $1.50 each                                                                                                                               -(3) MFC for $0.35/1

(2) Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal @ $1.99 each                                                                                                         -(1) Printable MFC for $1/2

(2) Eat Smart fresh broccoli,  BOGO @ $2.50. There was no coupon, but you can’t beat that price.

(2) Gallons of fat free milk.  On sale this week for $2.99, but mine were free with the purchase of the shampoo and conditioner, cereal, yogurt, Progresso, and Charmin. By the way, the Progresso recipe starters were not worth the dollar I spent on them. I get that they were starters, but they needed a lot of help to make them edible. In my opinion, they tasted like the cans that they came in. The Alexia potatoes on the other hand are amazing. Have you ever tried them? I get very excited to see those wonderful sweet potato waffle fries on a BOGO.

Without sales and coupons, I would have spent $57.17. Instead, I spent $30.53. A savings of $26.64 isn’t too shabby, but I wasn’t patting myself on the back at the register, either.



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  1. the spicy sweet potato variety are delicious. your trip wasn’t too bad.. I am still trying to figure out this publix weekly deal thing.. its weird to me coming down from nyc

    1. Once you get the hang of it, grocery shopping can almost be addicting. lol

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