The Wait Is Over

A little over a month ago, I put myself on a waiting list for the infamous Birchbox subscription. And I waited. And waited. Then I started getting antsy. Who did Birchbox think they were, making me wait around for so long? I made up my mind that as soon as I received the email telling me I was “accepted into the elite ranks of Birchbox subscribers”, I would refuse to actually sign up. Sort of an “in your face, Birchbox” gesture. Then I realized that wouldn’t hurt anyone but me. The next person on the waiting list however, would have been thrilled. I decided not to stand by that ridiculous decision and jumped for joy when I finally received an email telling me that my wait was over. Yippee!

Some of you may be asking, what is this Birchbox business? Well, it happens to be a subscription box filled with sample sized versions of high end products to try out. All for the low price of $10 a month. That works out perfectly. Every time I open my bathroom cabinet and look at all the semi-used bottles, jars and tubes of beauty products, I could kick myself for not buying a trial sized version before committing a large sum of money for full-sized products. I think my husband also thinks less than highly of me when I toss his products to make room for my ever-growing collection of crap.

Being the impatient person I am, I wanted my box right now. NOW. But first I needed to fill out a profile. It wasn’t super extensive, but at least the company knows that I have no need for self-tanning cream or volumizing shampoo. A couple of days after signing up, I received an email advising me that the theme for October was goop, and I could either select the goop box or the standard October box. Okay, am I the only person who had no idea what goop was? This is why I need Birchbox, people. While I thought goop was that little ball of slime you can buy from the gumball machine for a quarter, it actually turned out to be products recommended by Gwenyth Paltrow. See how much I have learned about the world of beauty in a short period of time? Love it. So I opted for the goop box.

Here’s  a breakdown of what was inside:

I didn’t expect to like the Jouer lip gloss. When I rubbed a little bit on my fingers, it actually felt tacky. Surprisingly, it wasn’t sticky at all on my lips. Go figure. I don’t know that I would pay $14 for a full-sized version, but it was nice nonetheless.

The Kiehl’s Rose Arctica Eye cream really did what it said it would do. I don’t usually get a full night’s sleep, and it usually shows. This stuff made me look more awake than I usually do.

I didn’t love the Ouidad Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream. It wasn’t terrible, but my curls tend to get thirstier than this cream can handle. In conjunction with my extra virgin coconut oil, it’s great. However, my $8 jar of coconut oil happens to work pretty well on its own.

The Supergoop sunscreen was awesome. Normally, sunscreen makes me look as though I smeared diaper rash ointment on my face. And it feels that way, too. Supergoop was different, though. It went on nice and light, and I didn’t have to massage it in for twenty minutes to blend it in. Halfway through the day, my face looked just as fresh as it had in the morning, instead of looking as though I bobbed for apples in a vat of olive oil. Loved it, and would pay full price without question.

The Mighty Leaf tea was a nice extra. There were three bags: African nectar, organic tropical green, and organic earl Grey. I have never been a fan of red tea, but the green and earl grey were awesome.


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