November Birchbox

It’s that time of month again! I received my November Birtchbox about a week ago, but didn’t want tor review it until I had a chance to try everything inside. this month’s theme was “Give”, falling right in line with the Thanksgiving holiday. Even the smaller samples that are normally wrapped up in a piece of tissue paper came in a little pillow box that could be reused to give a gift to someone.

While I am on the subject of small samples, I will go ahead and start there. This month’s skin care was provided by Masqueology. Boy were those samples small! I understand that I am not going to receive a box full of large-sized samples, but the little packets were almost empty. I was happy to find though that I only needed a small amount of the Masque Cleanse. It foamed up really nicely and my skin felt clean and soft afterwards. The full sized product sells for $32, and I will likely buy it without hesitation.

The Masqueology 7D Moisture cream was nice, too. it didn’t feel heavy, but moisturized effectively. I just don’t know about forking over $68 for a full-sized version, though. I’ve tried other moisturizers that worked just as well for considerably less.

I am still on the fence about the Masqueology Revitalizing Eye. It was messy and awkward to use (am I the only person who had this experience?). The two pads were inside of an envelope that contained a serum-like solution. Each pad was to be placed under your eyes for twenty minutes. Afterward, the instructions advised to remove and discard the pads, and rub the remaining solution into your skin. It was nice not to have to rinse it off, but $24 is a little steep for three masks considering that I didn’t see any noticeable difference after using them.

When I first saw the Stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer, I was skeptical. From what I could see online, there were three different colors available, and I received the one that most likely was for fair skin. Which I don’t have. Didn’t Birchbox read the profile that I filled out? But I went ahead and tried it on my eyelids, and it didn’t look half bad. My husband was impressed, which has to count for something. The full sized product is valued at $20. I want to see what the other colors would look like on my skin before committing to that purchase, but I am not putting in on my “Hell No” list.

Also included was and Aromatic Body Serum by One Love Organics. Ahhhhhh. I loved this stuff. I used it after a shower and my skin felt really nice and smooth. The fragrance was light and fresh and didn’t bother my allergies. I would have no problem spending $39 on it.

There was also a sample of Phoenix, a fragrance by MCMC. I prefer clean, light smells and this was way too heavy and musky for me. I detected overtones of Gardenia, which I hate. So that goes on the “No Thanks” list.

Last but not least, I received a coupon for $15 off a pair of Chromatic heels. Priced at $88 a pair normally, I am not sure if I will take advantage of that deal. I don’t like spending that much money on a pair of shoes that I can’t run in. I did take a look at the website, and was impressed by the fact that you can pretty much design your own shoe. I am putting this option on the back burner for right now.

All in all, this month’s box was a little disappointing. Here’s to hoping for an awesome December!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hello,
    What’s in the december’s birchbox? January is upon us, so there are two posts that you owe us. Hope you’re well. Missed your posts! 🙂

    1. It’s coming soon, I promise! The December box was MUCH better than November, so I can’t wait to share. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Kalley C says:

    I always wondered about the birch box. I’m looking forward to the December review.

    1. It’s been really hit or miss for me. I am going to give it a few more months before I decide whether or not to cancel.

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