December Birchbox


This post has been a long time coming. I received my December Birchbox behind schedule as it is and due to my hectic life, I didn’t get a chance to try everything out as quickly as I would have liked. I don’t believe in doing reviews on products that I haven’t tried yet, so here we are.

The most memorable item I received was the Miss Jessie’s Pillowsoft Curls. This stuff is absolutely amazing. I am usually hesitant to try expensive hair products because I have been disappointed many times in the past. This product moisturized and gave nice curl definition without drying my hair out. I have heard many people complain about the scent, but it was really nice for me. Not overpowering or perfume-y, but more like a nice fabric softener. I will say that it doesn’t hurt to dilute it a little bit because it seems pretty concentrated. I used it on my hair while it was still wet, but I don’t know that I would put it on dry hair.

A sample of Mad Madame’s Juliet Has A Gun was also included. I have yet to receive a fragrance that I like in my Birchbox. I prefer light, clean scents and this one was way too heavy for me.

A full-sized tube of ModelCo lip gloss really made my day. The color was perfect for me, mostly sheer with a hint of rose. The tube has a mirror on the side that you can use to aid in application. It smells like bubble gum and doesn’t feel sticky at all. I would buy it without question.

The jury is still out on the NUXE facial cleanser for sensitive skin. It had a strong fragrance, but not unpleasant. I expected it to irritate my face, but it didn’t at all. I didn’t feel any noticeable improvement in my skin after using it, though. The sample size was big enough for me to get a good amount of use out of it, so I will continue using it until it’s finished. It’s not a bad cleanser for sensitive skin, but it wasn’t phenomenal either.

The Chuso Chocolatier chocolate was eaten as soon as I got the box open. I love the combination of sweet and salty, so I was won over pretty easily. I am curious to try the other flavors available.

All in all, December was a much better month than November. I was ready to cancel after the November box, but I’m glad I stuck around. Let’s see what January has in store for me!


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  1. Such lovely goodies!

    1. December really was an awesome month for Birchbox. I can’t wait to see what January has to offer!

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