My Side Job As A Laundress

Every time I go to Publix, even if it’s for something as small as a bar of soap, I check out the clearance rack. Sometimes, there is some great stuff on there. I have stumbled upon organic granola cereal, formerly pricey shampoo, and coffee for pennies on the dollar. The other night, my fab find was Tide laundry detergent with Febreeze. Any of you who purchase laundry detergent know how expensive Tide can be. I love it, but only buy it in small doses. It just so happened that it was on clearance for $4.30. Can you believe that? To make the deal even sweeter, I had a couple of coupons for $3 off any three bottles. In addition to that, I had a Target coupon for $2 off of two. I could have kicked myself for not buying more newspapers last week, but there’s no use crying over it now.


I ended up paying around $20 after tax. The receipt pictured below also includes Horizon organic vanilla milk, another clearance rack find. Yes, I did go back and clear the rest off the shelf. In my opinion, it is perfectly acceptable to hoard clearance items.


I went to Publix again tonight (I swear, they should just set up a bed in the back of the store for me) and came across another offer I couldn’t refuse:

ImageWhen you wash as many loads a week as I do, you just don’t pass on cheap laundry soap!


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