Coming Back Soon

I know I suck. I promise I have a good reason for being away. My family is in transition right now. We opted to move out of our old apartment when the lease was up, only to discover that our new home was not going to be ready for two weeks. We are sucking up space at my mother in law’s house right now, with no internet connection and basic cable. You can imagine the pain we feel right now. Thank goodness for books, right? I could probably blog from my phone, but I lose patience very quickly when trying to type out a post on that little bitty touch screen keyboard. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Anywho, I am still alive and kicking (if any of you were worried). I am just taking a small break. When I get settled into my new home, I will share the horror story of our move that resulted from our lack of preparedness and underestimation of how much crap we have accumulated over the past five years.

I will see you all soon!


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