Whew! This post has been a long time coming. As I mentioned before, I have been absent for an extended period of time due to our relocation. I don’t know if you can count moving a couple of blocks away a true relocation, but it sucked the life out of me either way. Where do I even start?

I really tried to get things ready long before our actual moving date. I wanted boxes to be organized so that the move into our new home would be fairly easy. I did not have support on this. “It won’t be a tough move,” my husband said. “We don’t have much stuff.” He was clearly only looking at the big items that he would have to carry. He forgot that a family of six living in the same place for five years accumulates a ton of crap. I spent a few nights before the big day frantically trying to get all of the laundry washed up. In true fashion, the dirty laundry conspired against me and multiplied itself with each load I washed. The night before, my husband insisted that we sit down and relax so that we were prepared for the day we had ahead of us. Don’t even get me started.

I was still doing laundry as the man and his friends were breaking down furniture and moving it onto the U-Haul truck. “We should have this all wrapped up in three hours,” he said, his friends nodding in agreement. Immediately, the theme song from Gilligan’s Island started running through my head on a continuous loop. That was the longest three hours I had ever lived through. It took not only all day, but several hours of the next day to get everything packed up and moved. And I still forgot to clean out one of the drawers in the kitchen. Not even the junk drawer. I would have been fine with leaving twine and take out menus behind. But alas, it was my lovely set of Chicago Cutlery knives that were left behind, along with all of my flatware. Bloody hell.

There was a one week period that we needed to stay at my mother in law’s, because the new place was not going to be ready right away. That was no problem. I could deal with a week. However, nothing in my life really follows the outline that I have mapped out. I received a call a few days before move-in with the most dreadful news – my home would not be ready until the following week. Wait….what?!? Let me tell you, I am a very particular person. I don’t adjust to living outside of my own home very well. My idiosyncrasies are sometimes too much for my poor mother in law to handle. I dreaded telling the kids, and waited until the day before our original move-in date to break the news to them. That didn’t go well at all. There were melt downs and tears and slapping (each other, not me) out of frustration. I can’t say I blame them. I was frustrated enough to have a meltdown myself. I made it up to them with a trip to Rebounderz, an indoor trampoline park.

A second week at my MIL’s went by when we received yet another call from stating that our unit would not be ready until the following week. This time, I went to talk to the front office manager in person. I could not continue living like a transient, with all my belongings packed away in storage. I needed a place to live, and I needed one now. Right now. We were given a temporary unit free of charge on the third floor for a week. Did you forget that I have four children? Just take a moment and imagine how well the folks on the second floor appreciated us.

After almost a month, we are finally settled into our own space. Boxes have been unpacked, beds have been put up, and lists are being made of the things we need to replace. The place we are living in is actually a condominium development. I never really understood the difference between the structure of a typical apartment and a condominium, and I received a crash course when moving my stuff in. Outside of upgraded amenities, the main difference is closet space. Apartments tend to be built with larger bedrooms and more closet space, but smaller common areas. At least this has been my experience. Condos tend to be the exact opposite. Our common areas are a really nice size compared to what we had before, but closet space leaves so very much to be desired. It is a struggle, and I am going to be leaning heavily on my favorite organizational blogs to make it all work for me. I will be back with updates soon!

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  1. cerrine says:

    Reading this is making me so stressed out! I CANNOT imagine living it. Oh my God, it must have been terrible.
    So happy it’s all done with now! Wishing you and your family much happiness and comfort in your new place (:

    1. It was ridiculously stressful, but it made me just that much more thankful when I finally did get settled in. Thank you for thinking of me!

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