Eleventh Hour

In true procrastinator fashion, I have waited until the last possible moment to make up fasting days from last Ramadan. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. From sunrise to sunset, we abstain from eating, drinking, and intimate relations with our spouse. At least those are the main rules. What is just as important as abstaining from physical comforts is remembering why we are abstaining from physical comforts. Reminding ourselves of those who don’t have enough food to eat or clean water to drink. Remembering why charity is such an important part of the religion.

Sometimes, people are excused from fasting. The most commonly used excuse is menstruation. I sometimes laugh when people talk about how unfair Islam is to women when I think of this. It’s as though God understands how a woman can turn into a raving lunatic when she is “in the red zone”, and allows her that time off from fasting. You know, so she can gorge on chocolate and other foods that make her happy. Anyway, I am going around the mulberry bush here. The majority of women who are of childbearing age will have days to make up from Ramadan. And most women make those days up in a timely manner. I don’t happen to fall into that category. You would think I would have taken advantage of shorter days in December, but no. I am not satisfied until I get down to the wire. So here I am, making up days. I thought of documenting my Suhoors and Iftaars the way Sabrina did from Slice of Lemon, but I just didn’t eat very well. Bowls of cereal are not that impressive. Nor are my photography skills, for that matter. I know I make the same promise to myself every year, but I mean it this time. I will NOT have cereal for Iftaar half of the month. And I WILL have breakfast. Today, I made myself some egg muffins. That way, I will have breakfast ready when I get up in the morning. Me, standing over the stove at 4:00 in the morning trying to put a meal together will make for a very angry Afsana.

I started off by spraying my muffin tin with Pam, then adding some reduced fat shredded cheese and turkey sausage crumbles to each section. Then I whipped up some eggs, adding in some sea salt for taste and a dollop on low fat sour cream. It sounds weird, but it makes very fluffy eggs. I poured the egg into the muffin pan sections over the cheese and turkey sausage and popped it into my oven, which had been preheated at 350 degrees. I really suck at trying to share a recipe, don’t I? I have no idea how long I cooked them for. It was long enough for me to make a batch of hummus, if that helps. Just be careful not to over fill the sections. Otherwise, your cups will runneth over and you’ll be scraping egg out of the bottom of your oven. Egg Muffins 014   Egg Muffins 015   And this is why I will never get a job as a food photographer. At least it tasted better than it looks.


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  1. Ismelda says:

    That was awesome and a great reminder that I also have some make fast to get started.

    1. We should all make our days up in solidarity. For some reason, it feels so much harder when the no one else is fasting with you. Lol

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