Where Shopping is a Pleasure

Those of you who read this blog regularly (when I post regularly, anyway) are no strangers to my dislike of Wal-Mart. And dislike is really too kind a word. In my mind, they are the school yard bullies of the grocery world, making promises they could never hope to fulfill in hopes of stealing customers away from other stores.

For the past couple of years, Wal-Mart has boasted about its price-matching policy, promising to give you the same good deals you could get at any other store. Apparently, the cashiers are not very well educated on their policies because price matching at the register is nightmare. Showing the cashier an advertisement from another store did nothing to clear up the confusion. In addition, many coupons don’t scan on Wal-Mart registers. Guess what happens if the coupon doesn’t scan? You don’t get the discount. You know what happens when your coupons don’t scan at Publix? The cashier puts them through manually.

Wal-Mart has recently declared war against Publix, offering to match BOGO’s at their “low prices”. The Tampa Bay times has reported that they are having the some difficulty fulfilling this promise. Surprise, surprise. You can read the article here: http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/retail/confusion-over-walmarts-matching-bogo-policy-doesnt-win-over-shoppers/2148377

I am going to go off on a little bit of a tangent here. The people who choose Publix over Wal-Mart will continue to choose Publix over Wal-Mart. You know why? Because Publix has phenomenal customer service, and shopping there is hassle free. Sure they lack the self-checkout lanes that Wal-Mart offers, but I enjoy having my items rang up by a cashier whose ability to work efficiently doesn’t detract from his or her ability to smile at me and ask about my shopping experience. The gentleman who bagged my groceries the other day asked if I forgot my almond milk, because he knows I always come in for it. The pharmacist asks how my son is doing when I pick up his asthma medication. At Wal-Mart, the greeter doesn’t even take the time to say hello.

I don’t look down on people who shop at Wal-Mart. Well, maybe the ones who shop without a bra. But that’s another blog post. I get that not everyone cares about customer service. In this economy, most of us are stretching our dollars as far as they will go. Spending some time on Saturday morning matching coupons to sales allows me to spend less at Publix than I would at Wal-Mart, and avoid the hassle I encounter in their stores. Not only do my coupons scan, but they can be stacked with store coupons (either from Publix, or a competitor in the area) for even better savings. The store is clean and well lit, the produce is fresh, and the cashier won’t angrily slam cans down on top of your fruits and veggies. Yes, Mildred at the 8990 Turkey Lake Road location. This would mean you. Thanks, but no thanks, Wal-Mart. I will keep spending my hard-earned money at Publix, where shopping is a pleasure.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Donya says:

    Amen! Viva Publix!!!

  2. abrutelife says:

    Yes! I despise Walmart.
    I love the “well maybe the ones without a bra” aha!

    1. There are some things a customer just shouldn’t have to be exposed to while shopping. Lack of bras would just be the tip of the iceberg.

  3. ebonierika says:

    Laughing again! You should try making your own almond milk.

    1. I have seen recipes for it, but I wonder how economical it would be with the price of almonds. I will give it a try eventually, though. It would be nice to add my own flavor it it.

      1. ebonierika says:

        Agreed. I want to try. I really should this week as I purchased the almonds over a week ago. You only need a cup so worth the adventure and like you said you can put your own spin on it.

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