Operation Fat to Fit: Week Five

I know this post is a couple of days late, but I have had a really hectic week. I will probably start posting updates on Wednesdays instead of Mondays going forward. Anyhow, I really wasn’t sure what to expect this week. I ate a few chicken nuggets over the weekend, and have felt guilty about it ever since. Then I had to remind myself that just as I won’t get slim by eating one healthy meal, I won’t undo my hard work by eating three chicken nuggets. I am starting to struggle with getting my meals in creatively, so I need to dust off my Ellie Krieger cookbook and get inspired. There is only so much salad a girl can eat. And I think I might vomit if I ever see another chicken tenderloin. I hate that nasty little tendon that sticks out of the top. It ruins the whole piece of meat for me. Needless to say, I was all too happy when I finally depleted my two-week supply.

So I stepped on the scale today… and I am down a total of 21 pounds! I worked my tail off for every last one of those pounds, let me tell you. I fell into bed exhausted after late nights of Zumba, kickboxing, and kettlebell workouts. So I should have been more excited than I was. I made the mistake of thinking about how much further I had to go, and got a little discouraged. My husband went into the closet and pulled out two 10-pound dumbbells. He put them in my right hand, and told me to imagine that those weights were still a part of my body. Looking at it that way really put things into perspective for me. Sure, I have a long road ahead of me. And truly, the journey is never really over. No matter what the number on the scale says, taking care of myself is a lifelong responsibility.

Hopefully, I will be back here at the same time next week with more good news to share.

20 Pounds


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