Operation Fat to Fit: Week Ten

Am I really going on ten weeks already? This time has flown by! Since writing my last post, I managed to finish Crown of Midnight. Holy smokes, what a cliff hanger! And the next book doesn’t come out until September, so you can imagine how on edge I am right now. I am working on The Book Thief and Allegiant simultaneously. I was going to buy The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa, but some assclown has already ruined it for me by posting spoilers. It would have been awesome if she’d made it known up front that she was posting spoilers, the way most normal people do. That would have warned me not to continue reading the review, and the book would have been a nice surprise. Now, I am fully aware that Julie Kagawa wrote the book with the intention of ripping my heart out of my chest, slamming it on the ground, and stomping on top of it. And I would have been okay with that, because that’s the sort of torment I enjoy from a book. I won’t get that satisfaction this time around, though. I’ll still get around to reading it; I just don’t feel as enthusiastic about it as I did prior to the release.

Today is the IOA Corporate 5K and initially, I was going to wait until afterward to write this post. That way, I could have thrown my weekly progress and 5K highlights together in one place. Since I love the IOA so much, I decided that it deserved its own space. Hopefully I will share that tomorrow. Anyhow, back to Operation Fat to Fit. This was another week that I didn’t get in as many workouts as I would have liked. I wanted to increase my frequency to 6 days a week, but constant migraines coupled with the monthly hostess gift that Aunt Flo brings me in the form of cramps held me back. Even with that being the case, I still managed to drop four pounds. That brings my overall total to 32 pounds!

I decided to treat myself to four bottles of water permeable nail polish as a reward for reaching my first goal. It may not sound like a big deal to you guys, but it’s huge for me. As a Muslimah, the only time I wear nail polish is when I’m not praying, which is basically when Aunt Flo is visiting. When we pray, we have to go through a process of cleansing ourselves. Because water needs to be able to touch everything and traditional nail polish acts as a barrier against water, it’s not worn. There are a few companies that make water permeable nail polish, which has caused Muslim women around the world to celebrate. Now we can enjoy our nail polish all month long! It’s on the pricey side at around $12 a bottle, but is actually much better for your nails than regular nail polish. Once I receive mine, I’ll post a picture so you can see which colors I went with.

My next goal is to lose another 20 pounds. I already have my eye on a few reward possibilities. It will probably take me a little longer to reach the second goal, but I’m okay with that. I’m not focusing on the length of time it will take me to get there. I’m just enjoying the ride.

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