This Year

I don’t usually fall into the hype of setting resolutions for the New Year. For me, it’s almost like putting into words the things I plan to fail it. I’m ashamed to count how many years I vowed to lose weight, only to fall off the wagon by the time March rolled around. But then, I realized my goals weren’t specific enough. Sure, I wanted to lose weight. But what was my plan to get there? It wasn’t until I put a detailed plan in writing (and actually stuck to it) that I started to see results.

Since I am a master procrastinator, I am just now figuring out what I want to work on this year. It wasn’t difficult to come up with a list, which I’ll undoubtedly add to in the upcoming weeks and months.

1. Run at least one race each month. I went through a few of my favorite websites and added some of my standby races to my 2015 calendar, in addition to stumbling across many others that really caught my interest. I’ve made it known that I would love to do another half marathon, but it would be really awesome if I could do two. Since January is finished, I guess I have to do two races this month.

2. Be more consistent with meal planning. When the extra weight was melting off of me, it had a lot to do with preparing my food ahead of time. Each Sunday afternoon, I set my Gladware containers up on the counter and filled them with measured portions of whole grains, lean protein, and veggies. Having a set meal plan kept me away from the vending machine at work. When I slacked off on planning, my weight loss came to a standstill.

3. Sew something at least once a month. I have loved sewing ever since Aunt Margie showed me how to sew in straight lines on her Singer. There’s something gratifying about being able to turn a scrap of fabric into something usable. My sewing machine has collected a lot of dust lately, mostly because JoAnn Fabrics will suck up your entire paycheck with the prices they charge. A few fellow bloggers have pointed me to the internet for ordering fabric at discounted prices, so I can’t lean on that excuse anymore.

4. Take photography lessons. Most likely, this will occur via YouTube. I don’t have hundreds of dollars to give someone so they can teach me how to maximize my iphone camera. I know that the photography on my blog sucks, and I’m really trying to change that. I have a few resources to explore, so y’all should see some improvement in the near future.

5. Use the pins I’ve pinned. I believe there should be a support group for Pinterest Addicts. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying Pinterest. However, there is something wrong with spending hours each month pinning projects that never actually get done. Of course Pinterest makes everything look super easy and by the time I finish scrolling, I feel confident enough to build my own home and all the furniture that needs to go inside of it. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be successful at completing any of the projects I attempt, but I’ll share them with you either way. It should provide some comedy, if anything.

6. Finally mail off those Pay If Forward in 2012 gifts. But before I do, I need to add a little something for 2013 and 2014 as well. I really do appreciate everyone’s patience.

Did you notice that “More Frequent Blogging” didn’t make the list? That’s because I don’t believe in setting myself (or y’all) up for disappointment. But we’ll see what happens.

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