Still At It

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a coupon post, so please excuse my rustiness. I never really stopped couponing, I just stopped sharing my experiences. I guess now is as good a time as any for confessions: I’m lazy when it comes to blogging. My laptop has been on the fritz for a really long time now, and I can’t bear the idea of typing out a blog post from my tablet. I am trying to find a workaround, so please bear with me during this difficult time.

Anywho, on to the couponing. I try not to buy too much processed food, especially since keeping a food diary helped me discover that an overabundance of wheat in my diet was the cause of my migraines (which have pretty much ceased, except for the days that I have slip ups). Some deals are too good to pass up though.

My family loves the Multi-Seed crackers. The fact that they are gluten free means all of us can indulge. They are usually $3.49 a bag at Publx, but are on BOGO this week. I had two coupons for $1.50 off of two that I used. Instead of paying $13.96 for four bags, they cost me $3.98.image

I don’t usually buy Entemann’s products, but the kids really like their Little Bites. Publix has them on sale for 50% off, so they were $2.34 per box instead of $4.69. Throw in the two printable manufacturer’s coupons, and I ended up paying $1.34 per box.

I have never tried Special K snack bars, but they are also on BOGO this week at Publix. I also had printable manufacturer’s coupons for 50 cents off each. Just an FYI, the coupons are from Target’s website but are not Target store coupons. If I had purchased these bars at regular price and without coupons, I would have spent $11.96 for four boxes. Instead, I spent $3.98.

Chobani Greek yogurt is usually priced at $1.25, but is on sale for $1 this week. I had coupons for $1 off three, so nine containers cost me a whopping $6. How often to you find Greek yogurt at that price?

The Suja Elements was an impulse buy. I love it, but can’t quite justify making it a regular purchase at $3.99 a bottle. It’s on BOGO at Publix this week, and my store happened to have blinkie coupons next to the cooler for 55 cents off each bottle. I only grabbed two because I didn’t want to look greedy, standing around waiting for the little black box to pop out another coupon. Instead of $7.98 for two bottles, I spent $2.89.

I normally would have waited for the Almond Breeze to go back on sale (which it likely will in another couple of weeks), but I was completely out and needed to restock. It’s $3.39 for a half gallon, but a printable coupon for $1 off brought my cost down to $2.39.

All in all, a shopping trip that would have cost me $48.54 without sales and coupons actually only cost $21.


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