Cyber Hugs, Cyber Kisses, and All the Cyber Birthday Wishes

I have a confession to make: I never post Happy Birthday wishes in social media outlets. I am always afraid that I will miss someone, and that person will feel slighted. So while I do think about each one of you on your special day, I keep it all inside. I wonder what your plans might be, I hope someone buys you something nice, and I wish you a day full of joy. But today, I was flooded with well wishes from the very same people I silently said Happy Birthday to. The amount of love from everyone is overwhelming. Even folks I haven’t seen since high school have reached out to wish me happiness on my day.

I’m sorry for anyone who may have felt ignored. I’m sorry if your day wasn’t extraordinary, and I am part of the reason. I know that my presence doesn’t hold much significance in the lives of people I only interact with online, but I would hate to be that one person who could have made a difference and instead opted not to act. So, thank you for all the well wishes. Each one of them means a lot to me, and holds its own special place in my heart. I’ll always remember that despite how hectic our lives can be, so many people took the time to let me know they were thinking of me.

And I’m sorry that this post sounds a little sappy. I’m quite hormonal (as usual in my old age) and instead of raging today, I’m overjoyed and can’t stop tearing up. Thanks for being a part of it.


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